In Memory of Moyshe (Morris) Hollender

In Memory of Moyshe (Morris) Hollender

Show notes

In memory of the late Mr. Moyshe (Morris) Hollender, who recently passed away. Hollender was a survivor of death camps in World War II. In his later years he served as Gabbai, Torah reader, and Ba'al Tefillah at Temple Beth Israel in Waltham, MA. For many years he was a treasured resource for collectors of old songs, poems, and melodies from Jewish life that might otherwise have been forgotten. He was a frequent contributor to the "Yiddish Voice" radio show.

The program features several recordings of Hollender singing and recounting the past. Also with the participants of special guests Hankus Netsky, Dovid Mermelstein, and Marti Leibovits Friedman.

For further information on the Hollender exhibit at the NATIONAL YIDDISH BOOK CENTER:

For information on the concert by Hankus Netsky and other musicians in Morris's memory at Temple Beth Israel, Waltham, MA:

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