Motl and Bella Murstein Part 1

Motl and Bella Murstein Part 1

Show notes

In the first half of the show, following a brief news report from Kol Israel radio in Jerusalem, we feature part 1 of an interview with Motl and the late Bella Murstein, which we recorded in November 2012 but have not yet had an opportunity to air. Motl Murstein is well-known in the Boston community for his attendance over many years at most Yiddish events, at Brookline's Congregation Kehillath Israel and other local shuls, and at Holocaust memorial events. Since the interview, Motl's wife Bella, who had been in poor health for several years, passed away in April 2015. The interview was conducted primarily by Dovid Braun. The interview will be aired in parts over the next few weeks.

In the second half of the show, we hear a number of tracks from the audio CD "As Dreams Fall Apart: The Golde Age of Jewish Stage and Film Music 1925-1955" by the New Budapest Orpheum Society.

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