Sender Botwinik

Sender Botwinik

Show notes

  • Alexander (Sender) Botwinik discussed the recently released CD of Yiddish art songs composed by his father, the Vilna-born Montreal composer David Botwinik, with lyrics by various Yiddish poets, and featuring vocal performances by internationally acclaimed opera singers Lisa Willson, John Packard, and Ian DeNolfo, as well as 2 bonus songs performed by the late world-renowned tenor Louis Danto.

    The CD is called From Holocaust to Life, and is a companion to the book of the same name published by the League for Yiddish ( in 2010 containing 56 original musical compositions by David Botwinik, 15 of which are found on the new CD.

    For further info:

  • The show began with Adam Gruzman's "Israel Report", courtesy of the Forverts Sho on the web at
  • We got sad news that Itzhak Luden, who was the long-time editor of Lebns-Fragn, the Yiddish Bundist journal in Israel. We played a short excerpt from his 2014 Yiddish Voice interview with a reading from his last book. Koved zayn ondenk!
  • Music:
    • Di Yunge Mame: Lisa Willson, soprano; lyrics: Avrom Sutzkever; music: David Botwinik
    • Men Ruft Mikh Milyon: Ian DeNolfo, tenor; lyrics: Shmerke Kaczerginsky; music: David Botwinik
    • Kum, Yeshayes Kholem: Lisa Willson, soprano; lyrics: M. M. Shaffir; music: David Botwinik
    • Der Letster Zumer: John Packard, heldentenor; lyrics and music: David Botwinik
    • Di Litvishe Shtetele: Louis Danto, tenor; lyrics: Joseph Jaffe; music: David Botwinik
    • Shalom Shalom Yisroel performed by Cantor Sholom Katz
  • Intro instrumental music: DEM HELFANDS TANTS from Jeff Warschauer: The Singing Waltz

Air Date: Novermber 8, 2017



Sender Botwinik

Sender Botwinik

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